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Rajeev Choudhary
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Songdew is a musical B2B and B2C platform, It allows users to discover raw music around the world (mainly they target the Indian Market only), It also allows brands & companies to create contests for artists and discover the artists.

Currently, more than 50K+ artists are using the platform. It allows them to share their music with the world and will enable artists to participate in contests created by brands & companies.

Project Requirements

The company wanted to revamp its whole platform, the current design was not modern and aesthetically good as compared to competitors, Also had some user experience design issues.

The job was to come up with a new fresh look for the whole platform.

My Role

My role was to redesign the whole platform (User Interface for web, tablet, and mobile) and also to improve the user experience design

The main visual direction was set by the senior designer, and after a certain time, I was also allowed to introduce new elements in UI, I was the only person who was handling the project after a certain time because the senior designer was a consultant for a short period for Visual direction.

Worked along with stakeholders of the company.


  1. To make the design visually appealing and unique.
  2. Improving user experience design.
  3. Make sure it's responsive and looks good on the web, tablet, and mobile.
  4. Keeping UI consistent (Following, Improving, and Maintaining the Design system)


In the process, the first thing was to understand the existing platform

  • Understanding the platform and different user personas and business, Mr. Sunil Khanna the founder and CEO of the company gave me an overview of the platform, and business (I was closely working with him).
  • Understanding and exploring the finalized visual language direction.
  • Worked on rough sketches for improving the user experience design, and started picking up modules one by one it was a huge project so first, we created a timeline for the project and picked the modules on the basis of priority.
  • When I was working on modules, first I created rough sketches for the user experience design and then implemented those, We finalized the user experience design on the basis of an internal team review (did internal testing).
  • After getting approvals for web UI, worked on tablet and mobile UI (In some cases the user experience design was different for each platform because the same design from the web can’t be implemented on mobile, or tablet)
  • Forwarded the design for development, worked with developers side by side, and checked the UI consistency during development (did user testing as a designer to identify the UI Issues in development)

Old Designs

New Designs

New designs using neomorphic and flat design styles, In the case of some elements where user interaction was required all those elements were introduced in the form of a neomorphic style example CTA (Button) and the rest of the elements were in flat design to balance out the overall design.

The main challenge was not to overdo the neomorphic style and to keep the design visually aesthetical.

In the case of colors, keep the ratio like 90% grey-white and 10% Blue (for Actions). The same ratio goes for the flat and neomorphic styles.

Album listing and detailed album screens — Album listing showcases all the albums that exist in the platform and the Album detail page showcases the all songs inside the album and allows users to play the music

Desktop view of Playlist screen — Shows the number of songs inside the playlist with lyrics of the current song selected (Playing)

Inbox screens — Allows users to communicate with each other in the form of text (Currently by 2023 only text messages are supported)

Tablet (Portrait view) for Album Detail Screen

Tablet (Landscape view) for Album Detail Screen


After the redesign we were able to see a lot of changes in terms of performance if we compare the data with previous stats, one thing I want to clear out is that it's not just about design it is also about a lot of factors which were added by other team members/ departments, especially the SEO department, Marketing Department these things also play crucial roles.

Improved ranking in the country, with 20% to 30% growth in terms of traffic.

Improved Bounce rate also previously it was above 65%, currently Bounce rate is around 50%.

Monthly views
Rank in Country

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