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Rajeev Choudhary
5 min readSep 6, 2023


I will be sharing my thoughts on the basis of my daily observation and will be sharing the good and bad of design, and branding. I will not be limiting myself to UIUX in this article so let's jump into the observation part.

Branding and Packaging

Some months ago I was watching Shark Tank India and I bought perfume from the brand (ISAK), they had really good packaging and inside the packaging, the bag was theirs too which contained a sample perfume (sample fragrance) my mother instantly liked it(the bag hahaha) and here after a lot of months, I am seeing that same bag is being used for keeping money. Good packaging/ boxes can be reused by customers in their daily use so the point is:

  • Keep the brand name upfront
  • Try to think of other use cases if possible
  • Keep it unique in this case the bag itself is special in terms of material, texture, look, and feel.
  • Shape (Sometimes people do recognise the product just by shape example the Coca-Cola (bottle ), It is an old brand so it will definitely have a recall value but yeah thing is we can try to create our brand's own identity)
  • It's all about the experience (Improve it)

I observed some other items also

Using the same box from 10 or 14 Years I think :)

Used for storing stuff (I know it is not our duty to make packaging reusable or to make it in a way so people can store things, I am just trying to make a point people do use stuff in different manners they are also creative)

Good Example

Having a Brand name on top of the box.

Not Good Example

The brand name is not available, so try to keep the brand name always.

Think of Usability

Wipro Table Lamp

I personally felt it was an excellent touch to keep a handle but I also had a question in my mind Was it necessary or not because these things add up to extra cost Also before adding any extra thing try to do research also will this additional element will be helpful if yes for how many percentage of people.

If the handle is not being used by users then it is just an extra cost for the company.

  • Do market research
  • know your customers
  • Use cases

Share your thoughts: Let me share one clear example here suppose we have a package and 75% of sales are online In that case will it make sense to keep a handle for the lamp box?

If we have some heavy products like this shared below, in that case handle will be required for sure.

Best case for handle

Quality Testing/ Inspection

Testing product is really crucial but sometimes we ignore small things like typography, content, and spelling these things are also very important because they can make you look unprofessional (tho I am also an unprofessional writer ;0), and sometimes it can reduce your sales also here is an example of one of the big brands

I was scrolling and I saw this huge mistake, as a designer I can assume that certain things could have happened because of this mistake

  • Drop in sales
  • Confusion among users
  • Unprofessionalism of Brand

Here we can see on the title it's a 27K mAh power bank but on the image, it says 10K this can give a wrong impression to users.

Same Product on another platform.

App/ Web User Experience

Dribble Upload Profile

Dribble is a designer platform but still it has issues.

The approach they were using to change the profile picture doesn’t seem like a good user experience if I compare it to another platform, In this way, its doing its job but experience-wise I would rate it 2 out of 10. Let me know what are your thoughts.

Issues that I found are:

  • First, we click on upload new picture then the form opens with two more options which say choose file and upload now The thing is users don’t read that much most probably chances are they will click on the upload now button instead of choosing file This can cause frustration among users. The solution for this could be very simple when we click the first time on “upload new picture” that time we could open a folder window to pick the image and then after selecting the image could show that image over a popup and below it two buttons save and cancel.

This is my thought let me know what your thoughts are.



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