3D Hand Illustrations Pack Project

Rajeev Choudhary
4 min readAug 22, 2023

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About Project

It was a personal project, the purpose of this project was to create a set of hand designs (3D illustrations) Has 150+ Hands Signs and Different Gestures.

Link to Download Pack — https://reecry.gumroad.com/l/3dhandpacks

The story behind the project

I was learning the blender tool and during that time I was exploring a lot of different shapes side by side I was also doing UIUX design work, and I was sharing my 3D work journey and samples over social media, one day I got reached by someone who was looking for some hand 3D hand designs for a crypto project.

I shared my 3D work with them and they actually liked it during that point I didn't know they were looking for hand designs I thought they were looking for something which was closer to my style/ work.

First, they gave me some assets to create which were closer to my style but after some time they told now we have to create more elements they told me we needed to create hand signs now in 3D, lol I was shocked because I had never tried it but I said yes sure I can do it.

I started watching tons of tutorials and did a lot of iterative work internally, during that time I discovered some 3D hand libraries also I tried to design with that one but wouldn’t blend those designs with existing elements.

So it took me 2 to 4 days just to reach that level so the hand can be shown to stakeholders, once it got approved I was happy and then they give me a surprise they need the same hand in a certain position now I was shocked during that time I had no idea that we can use bones (FBX) to make controllable hands.

I started again and created a whole new hand with controllable bones, it turned out to be really good, stake holders liked it, and that time I decided I will create my own hand library.

So this was the story behind this project, this project also helped me in growing personally and professionally.


  • Collected references for hand design
  • Research on hand designs and structures
  • Initial Designs (Design Research)
  • Final Designs

Research points

During the freelance project, I already had some research done so through that research I had some points in my notes already

  • Fingers Size and Positions
  • Elements in Hand — Accessories like chains, watch, Nails
  • Hand movements
  • Different Hand Gestures Normal and Abnormal
  • Bones structure

Initial Designs

These were some initial designs, in these designs, hands were having sharp edges.

In some versions, I kept 4 fingers instead of 5 but it gives it a too-cartoon look and doesn’t look real

Final Designs

After N number of iterations, I finalized the designs, I set the direction in the form of a cartoonish and stylized style. In some hands, I kept the details and In some, I removed Details like Nails.

Kept details in all the Office hands (Kept nails, cloth, inner cloth, professional watch) and Non Office Hands doesn’t have details (Only funky Apple watch design with yellow strap).

Link to Download Pack — https://reecry.gumroad.com/l/3dhandpacks

View All 150+ Hands Design


The best impact this project had was on me I improved a lot and learned a lot of things during this project about blender, 3D modeling, and Handling Scalable Projects best and bad.

Published this library over Gumroad platform also received 10+ Downloads, Used by local shop owners and some startups (mostly founders were my friends so they agreed ;) )

Used by a local shop
Used for Valentine Day
Used by Startup



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