3D Chess Set Project

Rajeev Choudhary
3 min readAug 30, 2023

Overview of Project (Video)

About Project

I got the inspiration to create chess models from a chess box that I had, In 2022 Feb I started working on this project and at that time I was new to Blender/ 3D Designing (Blender is a 3D tool) so I was trying to learn textures and lighting.

So I thought let's create something which is interesting I picked the chess box because I used to play chess (LoL, I am not good at it at all, Someone gifted it so that's why I used to play just for fun)

It was a Personal Project.

My Chess Box

Process/ Behind the Scene

I will try to cover the process in the form of a story so it will be much better to read :)

The first step was to figure out what items and what things I needed to create I used to play chess early so I already knew what items I had to create mostly it was chess pieces and chess boards which needed to be created

After this I started drawing some rough sketches in these sketches I tried to create different forms of chess pieces.

Here I am creating different sketches for chess pieces

After creating a lot of different sketches I finalized three mainly, then I did some refinement and selected two designs.

It was a personal project so I wasn't exactly following what I was doing in the drawing because sometimes you can better understand during creating things.

This was the first iteration ever I created for chess pieces

The next phase was the implementation phase during this phase I was creating sample actual samples over Blender, the picture above I shared was the first iteration.

After this, I did some iterative work and came up with the final designs.

Final Designs

For the final design, I created two styles — Wood and Marble.

The left side is marble and Right Side is Wood

Variation 1 — Wood

Light Wood
Dark Wood
Wood Board

Variation 2 — Marble

Dark Marble
Light Marble
Marble Board


This project helped me in improving my modeling skills, Due to this project I was also able to learn a lot about texture and lighting.



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